Our fearless leader DeepKutz started off making creepy ASMR songs in her bedroom on her laptop alone at night when no one was awake. She uploaded a few killer songs and soon found herself in demand as someone who can bring a hook ridden eeriness to any song. DeepKutz never stops witchcrafting new songs until she has reached the deepest, darkest, depths of her chilling melodies and voice. Her venomous vocals are featured on “Awooo”, “Kids In America”, “First Blood”, “If You Ask Me To” and “As Long As You Love Me”. 

Lil Punkin

The newest of newcomers, Lil Punkin carved out his fan base by planting seeds on Ghostcloud and Spooktify. His lyrics are roasted and salted with dark double meanings and he’s not afraid to show you all of his guts. Don’t be tricked by Lil Punkin’s big head, he is full of delicious treats that will keep the world coming back for more. Bear witness to his lyrical carvings on “Skeleton Sam”, “Voodoo”, “First Blood”, “Can You Hear Me?” And “Take It To The Graveyard (Boo-Yeah!)”. 

Norman Crates

Norman Crates started off as a harmless crate of 12” LP’s being lugged around NYC from club to club. One October evening many many moons ago, there was a lightning storm that lit up and flooded all of Manhattan. Norman was at his weekly residency at Pyramid Club in the Lower East Side feeding the DJ his records. All of a sudden a lightning bolt blew through the roof electrocuting everyone in the club and sending 1.21 giggawatts through everything. At that exact moment Norman became more than an old crate of records, he became ALIVE -- and ever since he’s been making some of the “k’illest” beats in the game. Bounce to Norman’s killer grooves on “Awooo”, “Spooky”, “Kids In America”, “Can You Hear Me” and “Candyman”. 


Descended straight from Damballa, DejaVudu’s voice can literally raise the dead. His incantations will leave you asking yourself; “I swear I’ve heard this before” and his hellish hooks have been known to cast a spell over anyone who listens. Hailing from New Orleans, he cut his teeth in Skeleton Sam’s Graveyard Band before stepping into the spotlight of the blood moon with his own band DejaVudu & The Dolls. His songs might all sound familiar…or do they? Do you feel like you’ve read this before?!? Devour DejaVudu’s demonic ditties day after day with “Spooky”, “Voodoo”, “Take It To The Graveyard (Boo-Yeah!)”, “If You Ask Me To” and “Candyman”.

Scary Ana Grande

Scary Ana Grande has been known to take her victims out with a single whiplash of her ponytail straight to the jugular. Don’t let her sweet voice NOT scare you as she lures you close and sinks her “hooks” deep into your mortal flesh where you rot like an ear worm from within.  Is she tall? Nah, she’s Grande. Let Scary Ana pull you under while you listen to her sing the retro spooky “Skeleton Sam”, “Candyman”, “Take It To The Graveyard” and the oh so sinister “Can You Hear Me”.

Count Trackula

Every night as the sun goes down Count Trackula emerges from his studio coffin with a bloody mouthful of new tracks to snap your neck and sink your teeth into. The Transylvanicanadian native can transform a beat into a bat and back all while eluding cameras, smoke and mirrors. Now he is underworld renowned for inducing blood curdling screams and leaving even the the undead thirsting for more MUHUHAHAHAHA! Listen to his fangulous production on “Skeleton Sam”, “Take It To The Graveyard”, “If You Ask Me To”, “As Long As You Love Me”, “First Blood” and “Voodoo”.

Ghost M'lone

Ghost M’lone phantasmically floats through chords and notes as he lays his tracks to rest.  In his former life, Ghost was a part-time tattoo artist and laundromat manager who dabbled in the dark arts of sound design. While tattooing himself one stormy evening in the after-hours his needle slipped too deep into his skin freeing his hissing soul from its earthly prison. Leaving his physical constraints behind he found his peace pursuing murderous musical mayhem. His banchee beats scream and wail as he summons the rest of his ghost army.  If you listen closely you can you hear them on “Can You Hear Me”, “Awooo”, “Candyman”, “Spooky” and “Kids In America”.

Robyn Gothicke

You're seeing stripes and it's NOT Beetlejuice, it's Robyn Gothicke! With their razor-edge swag and banshee howls, they can cut through anything... including asylum bars. Robyn prefers cemeteries over parks, black and white to blush and likes to keep things fluid...We rarely know where they creep or what kind of malevolence they're up to, but their disturbing melancholic cries will leave you incapacitated! Feel them on “First Blood” and “As Long As You Love Me”.

Skeleton Sam

I was just a little ghoul when I heard his name, he’s the graveyard legend of the dancing game.  Rumor has it he invented how to knock em dead, he’s the reason that we all say break a leg.  Every bone is double jointed he can twist em all, spin his head on his finger like a basketball.  No one knows where he’s from, but I heard he’s the king of the Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans.