If you want to know what goes on behind the screams when the crypt closes and the coffin slams, you’ve come to the right place! Listen to the scary stories behind LOVECRAFT’s spooky songs on their Pandora Story, This Is Halloween. You can also read along with the transcript down below.


LIL PUNKIN:  Hey, what's up? This is Lil Punkin from LOVECRAFT and "This Is Halloween" our spooktacular playlist of ghoulish bops for the witching season. LOVECRAFT is the sinister spawn of seven Halloween obsessed hitmaking, songwriters, producers and friends. Myself, Lil Punkin

DEEPKUTZ:  DeepKutz.

NORMAN CRATES:  And me, Norman Crates.

LIL PUNKIN:  And our friends, Scary Ana Grande, Ghost M'lone, Count Trackula, DejaVudu, and Robyn Gothicke. We have been responsible for crafting hit songs for a bunch of different pop artists, alternative artists, dance artists, rap artists, you name it. But we are obsessed with Halloween and the horror genre in general. So, we decided earlier this year that we were going to get together, and we were going to create an album that we felt paid homage to all of those classic songs from the genre over the years that we have fallen in love with. And so, we've made nine original songs and two spooky covers, and we're going to share some of those songs with you, as well as some of our other favorite songs that have inspired us over the years. So, without further ado, "This is Halloween".

∆   ∆   ∆

Skeleton Sam

LIL PUNKIN:   It was a dark and stormy night. We were in Highland Park, California. Also, it wasn't a dark and stormy night. It was like daytime-

NORMAN CRATES:  It was inspiration.

LIL PUNKIN:   -on a Monday in the spring. But we gathered up a crew. We headed on over to DeepKutz and Norman Crates, studio in Highland park.

NORMAN CRATES: It’s called WonderSound West.

LIL PUNKIN:  So previously during the day we had decorated out all the studios to look like Halloween. We had skeletons hanging from everything and flashing lights and-

NORMAN CRATES:  Buckets of candy

LIL PUNKIN:   -Buckets of Candy.

NORMAN CRATES:  Plastic Knives.

LIL PUNKIN:   -Plastic Knives...

NORMAN CRATES:  Gravestones

LIL PUNKIN:   -Gravestones, real eyeballs.... No, we didn't have real eyeballs.

DEEPKUTZ:  Cobwebs.

LIL PUNKIN:   We did have real cobwebs though. We, we let a bunch of spiders in there over the weekend and they just made webs.


NORMAN CRATES:  We had some intestines.

LIL PUNKIN:   We had some intestines for lunch. Um, and so-


NORMAN CRATES:  Tripe....Beetlejuice.

DEEPKUTZ:   Beetlejuice.

LIL PUNKIN:   Beetlejuice...So stupid. Why are we saying that?


NORMAN CRATES:  I don’t know.


DEEPKUTZ:   I don’t know.



DEEPKUTZ:   Okay so, Skeleton Sam.


DEEPKUTZ:  Okay... so we split into Spooky teams. Cause we had two rooms going, so we had two producers and two songwriters.

Norman Crates:  Two spooky studios.



NORMAN CRATES:   And two spooky rooms.

LIL PUNKIN:  I, Lil Punkin, hunkered down with Scary Ana Grande and Count Trackula in room number one and uhh...


NORMAN CRATES:   That was actually room number two. That's totally fine...

LIL PUNKIN:   Whatever, room number two.

DEEPKUTZ:   I felt like your guys' first day, you were super creative. Cause you actually made up a new spooky monster.


LIL PUNKIN:   I mean that was the idea. The idea was that we were going to create a character that represented Halloween. Something that would transcend the music.

DEEPKUTZ:   Like a new....

LIL PUNKIN:   Yes. Something new.


LIL PUNKIN:  So, I don't know what happened. It was just like lightning hit us and we were like, what if there was a skeleton and he was the greatest dancer in the world, and he was the monster that all the other monsters looked up to and they wanted to dance just like him. They wanted to be just like him. He was the coolest of the cool. And so, uh, Skeleton, Sam was born, you know.


DEEPKUTZ:   He's got a lot of swag.

LIL PUNKIN:   He's got a lot of swag. A lot of swag. He's got a sick top hat and a cane. You know, he's from the Lafayette cemetery in New Orleans.

NORMAN CRATES:   Right. How many bones are in the human body? He's got that many.


LIL PUNKIN:   He shakes all of them.

NORMAN CRATES:   He might have one or two he lost over the years.


LIL PUNKIN:  So, it was like, why not create a character that transcends the music itself and is larger than life and becomes this kind of poster child for the paranormal world.

NORMAN CRATES:   [Whispers} Poster child.


LIL PUNKIN:   Um, yeah. Yeah. So like Count Trackula pulled up these like hellish horns, and created this super spooky retro track and Scary Ana Grande jumped on the mic, and you know, a couple hours later-


NORMAN CRATES:   Skeleton Sam was playing through the speakers.


LIL PUNKIN:  -Skeleton Sam was born and danced out of the speakers. Here it is. Hope you guys enjoy it.

NORMAN CRATES:   [Whispers] Skeleton Sam.

∆   ∆   ∆


NORMAN CRATES:  We'd been listening to a lot of trap music and we were like…huh? All trap music kind of sounds like Halloween music.


DEEPKUTZ:  Which is something I've always, especially Houston Trap, I've always been like, there's always like a Halloweeness to it that makes me love it more. And...


NORMAN CRATES:  So we started a trap, and Ghost M'lone


DEEPKUTZ:  You and Ghosty.

NORMAN CRATES:  And um, DeepKutz and DejaVudu were sitting in the back and DeepKutz, I believe said, "I want to do something spooky”-


DEEPKUTZ:  And at that point...

NORMAN CRATES:  -DejaVudu went, "spooky?" and you were like, "Spooky!" And he went, "Spooky?" And the next thing you know, that was the song.


DEEPKUTZ:  Spookehh!


∆   ∆   ∆


LIL PUNKIN:  Wait, where's our werewolf song?

DEEPKUTZ:  Awoooo! Full moon of a tune.

NORMAN CRATES:  Full moon tune!

DEEPKUTZ:  Full moon tune. Chase it down with a silver bullet.


LIL PUNKIN:  Who's your favorite werewolf? Do you have a favorite werewolf?


DEEPKUTZ:  I do…I love American Werewolf in London.


LIL PUNKIN:  My favorite werewolf... Can you guess my favorite werewolf?


DEEPKUTZ:  Teen Wolf? Michael J. Fox?

LIL PUNKIN:  Oh, actually, that's a great one.


DEEPKUTZ:  Teen Wolf.


NORMAN CRATES:  Norman Crates


LIL PUNKIN:  I didn't think about that. That's actually... Teen Wolf is a great werewolf. I like, um, actually just, I mean it's kind of obvious, but I like, uh, Remis Lupin from Harry Potter.


DEEPKUTZ:  Of course.

LIL PUNKIN:  I'm sorry. Whatever, I’m just predictable.

NORMAN CRATES:  What do you call Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters. He wasn't werewolf, he was like a…the Devil.

LIL PUNKIN:  No, he was possessed by...he's the gatekeeper.


DEEPKUTZ:  It was the gatekeeper.

LIL PUNKIN:  He was the key master.

NORMAN CRATES:  Oh the key master.

LIL PUNKIN:  "I am the key master".

NORMAN CRATES:  Sorry we didn't write the key master song. Next…Next year.


DEEPKUTZ:  He was looking for Gozer, right?


LIL PUNKIN:  Yeah, Gozer the Barbarian.



LIL PUNKIN:  There is no Dana. There is only Zuul.



DEEPKUTZ:  That's right. This is all werewolf adjacent.

LIL PUNKIN:  Anyway...


NORMAN CRATES:  Norman Crates and Ghost M'lone in the track.


LIL PUNKIN:  In a long line of amazing werewolf songs and portrayals in movies and television. Here is your new classic. Awoooo!

EVERYONE:  Awoooooooo!!!!!!

∆   ∆   ∆

Kids In America

DEEPKUTZ:  Okay. So, up next.


LIL PUNKIN:  [In the tune of "Kids in America"] Laaaa Laa La La La.


ALL SPEAKERS:  [Continues Tune] La La La La La La


NORMAN CRATES:   "Kids In America"


DEEPKUTZ:  Okay, so, in the tradition-


LIL PUNKIN:  In the tradition.


DEEPKUTZ:  -of great Halloween re-imagined records.


LIL PUNKIN:  Right! So, wait but why Kim Wilde, "Kids in America"?


DEEPKUTZ:  I just have to say that...she looked... Okay, bizarrely.


NORMAN CRATES:  In the video...


DEEPKUTZ:  For Kim Wilde's "Kids In America"


NORMAN CRATES:  Kim Wilde's "Kids In America", if you look at her in the video, she's like so...high on drugs... She looks like a zombie. It’s amazing...


DEEPKUTZ:  She just looks like a zombie, like a zombie teen. The lyrics on that song are just incredibly dark by nature. So, it's easy to take this to a further place.




DEEPKUTZ:  Into the further…


NORMAN CRATES:  Yeah slapped some like pretty scary drums on there and tried to make it uh...


DEEPKUTZ:  Tried to make more teen-

NORMAN CRATES:  Punchy in the face.


DEEPKUTZ:  -teen zombies.


NORMAN CRATES:  Like scary guitar and stuff on there.


DEEPKUTZ:  But it also makes me feel The Purge a little.


LIL PUNKIN:  Oh, I can see that.

DEEPKUTZ:  You know what I mean?


NORMAN CRATES:  Knock, Knock...Purge 7 theme song. ...


LIL PUNKIN:  I mean I just love that this song. It starts off so quiet and it just reels you in and then as it gets to the middle it just smacks you in the face. [SFX: POP]. Like you're just, and then, and then that haunting melody, this children's choir. I mean you just get chills every time I hear it.


DEEPKUTZ:  I do too. It’s just a great record and was like the most fun.


LIL PUNKIN:  Well, from us to you, here are the chills: "Kids in America".

∆   ∆   ∆

First Blood

LIL PUNKIN:  Some of the most iconic Halloween and horror based music in the genre is from the 80s.


DEEPKUTZ:  Absolutely.




LIL PUNKIN:  And I think that the synths, the way that the synths were used in the 80s is just so spooky and, it’s just so… that people were experimenting for the first time with synths and, and uh...


NORMAN CRATES:  John Carpenter really set the stage.


LIL PUNKIN:  Yeah. John Carpenter.


DEEPKUTZ:  I mean, it was the height of horror. You know, horror hit new heights.






NORMAN CRATES:  Horror hit new heights.


LIL PUNKIN:  I think.. I think when you think of, um, you know, horror music, you think of the classic soundtrack songs like from John Carpenter and others and they all came from the 80s. I mean it’s just these classic songs, you hear them and you immediately, you get scared. But you know, I think, I think, you know, when we had discussed, when we were writing that song that we wanted to do something that we felt like paid homage to all those 80s greats, but something that felt like also contemporary and Indie and now.




LIL PUNKIN:  You know, so, um, it was important to us that we captured that. And also, you know, there's been a renaissance with that, with Stranger Things and, and a lot of those.


DEEPKUTZ:  Well, you know, I think we're in the second wave of horror is hitting new heights. And the horror is looking back to the best decade of horror, which is the 80s.


NORMAN CRATES:  Yeah, it is.


LIL PUNKIN:  It's fun to be at the forefront of that with LOVECRAFT.


NORMAN CRATES:  Totally here.


DEEPKUTZ:  Absolutely.


NORMAN CRATES:  Yeah and you'll find us at the ArcLight for almost any horror movie premiers.


LIL PUNKIN:  Almost all of them, especially if there’s a Q&A


NORMAN CRATES:  Especially if there’s a Q&A.  I will be in the front row.

LIL PUNKIN:  Yeah. So, uh, so anyway, here's a taste of “First Blood”.


NORMAN CRATES:  Oh... this guy's good...

∆   ∆   ∆

Take It To The Graveyard (Boo-Yeah)

DEEPKUTZ:  Talk about a horror movie.


LIL PUNKIN:  Yeah, talk about a horror.


NORMAN CRATES:  You can't have a scary Halloween without a graveyard, right?


LIL PUNKIN:  You Can't.



LIL PUNKIN:  You Can't.


NORMAN CRATES:  I mean with the artwork. the graveyard's in the artwork.




NORMAN CRATES:  We felt like we wanted to bring everybody with us.


LIL PUNKIN:  I mean we have our DeepKutz character, a signature character in the graveyard with the knife, and we just didn't have a song about the graveyard. So we thought like, what if there was a party in the graveyard? And everyone's there, all of the characters, Sam, everyone is at this party. So we felt, you know what, let's take it to the graveyard. Let's create another fun song. We have DejaVudu singing on it. We have Scary Ana Grande singing on it.


NORMAN CRATES:  Norman Crates.


LIL PUNKIN:  We had myself Lil Punkin singing on it.


NORMAN CRATES:  Norman Crates.


LIL PUNKIN:  Count Trackula was working on the track.


NORMAN CRATES:  Norman Crates.


LIL PUNKIN:  We have everyone there and …everyone's there.


DEEPKUTZ:  It's the crew.

LIL PUNKIN:  The whole crew. This is a LOVECRAFT ensemble song.


NORMAN CRATES:  Ensemble...


LIL PUNKIN:  And um, you know, it was the, it was the topper. It was the one thing that we were missing. And uh, it's a lot of fun and-


NORMAN CRATES:  Norman Crates. Ha Ha Ha.. sorry.


LIL PUNKIN:  -uh... But you know, we thought as a last song for this record, "Take It To The Graveyard," just made the most sense. And that's why we're finishing our, This Is Halloween, 2019 playlists with "Take It To The Graveyard".


NORMAN CRATES:  We'll see you in the graveyard.


DEEPKUTZ:  Let's take it to the graveyard.


LIL PUNKIN:  See you next year, Spookies!


DEEPKUTZ:  Byeee...


GOUL:  See ya next year ghouls and goblins and ghosts!


NORMAN CRATES:  See ya on the other side!!!


LIL PUNKIN:  See you on the other side!

∆   ∆   ∆