"Who You Gonna Call?"

It’s the first of our recurring segment Wickedpedia Wednesdays, where we dissect some of horror music’s most peculiar origin stories. First up is the ghastly tale of the iconic “Ghostbusters” theme song. We here at LOVECRAFT are possessed by this legendary anthem. Of course, we all know the answer to “Who You Gonna Call?” But the producers of the film Ghostbusters originally thought the answer was Huey Lewis. Unfortunately, he was already committed to work on Back to the Future. So who you gonna call next? Ray! No, not Spangler…Ray Parker Jr!They apparently nudged him toward a sound that could be described as "Huey Lewis-esque." Lewis himself certainly thought so, and filed a spooky suit against Parker, alleging that he carved out the melody from his own song "I Want a New Drug." Years later the spirit of Ghostbusters haunted Lewis back as he was sued for breach of contract when he publicly spoke about the outcome of the lawsuit…NOW THAT’S A HORROR MOVIE!