Updated: Mar 17

On this Slashback Friday, LOVECRAFT salutes Charles Bernstein, the composer of Freddy’s Theme: AKA One Two Freddy’s Coming For You, the 80’s classic that still haunts slumber parties to this day.... This tune proves that counting and rhyming will stick in your brain (and help make your movie a hit); combine that with a burned, claw handed man who won’t let you sleep and you have HORROR GOLD - helping elementary aged kids freak each other out at slumber parties for generations to come. ⁠Listen to this and more hair-raising hits on our Spotify playlist LOVECRAFT ESSENTIALS!


HAPPY NEW YEAR from LOVECRAFT!!! For this Wickedpedia Wednesday we found it only appropriate to address arguably the greatest duo in horror movie + music creation EVER!! Danny Elfman was a horror-themed music powerhouse before he was the spooky music LEGEND that he is now. As the front man for the cabaret-turned-ska band Oingo Boingo, Elfman reeled off numerous macabre-fueled hits for movie soundtracks such as “Weird Science” for the movie of the same title, “Dead Man’s Party” for Rodney Dangerfield’s classic “Back To School” and “On The Outside” for Paul Mazurksy’s 1982 interpretation of Shakespeare’s timeless “Tempest”. Elfman befriended one of the band’s fans, a young relatively unknown filmmaker by the name of Tim Burton, but was initially reluctant to collaborate because of his own lack of formal training in film scoring. In time, the two teamed up on what became some of Burton’s biggest films, from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure to Beetlejuice to Edward Scissorhands, and horror movie soundtracks and spooky theme songs haven’t been the same since. We BOW to you, Danny Elfman, the TRUE KING OF SPOOKY MUSIC!


When a college hazing ritual turns a sorority sister psycho via demonic possession, what fits better than the cheerful awe-inspiring lyrics, “These are the best times of our lives”. On this Slashback Friday, LOVECRAFT salutes you, TV and Film composers, Alan Brackett and Scott Shelly, for writing one of the most outrageous killer tunes to ever grace the screen of cult classic, direct to video, 80’s B-horror film...Killer Party. “Finally letting go” of the expected terrifying tone heard in most teen scream supernatural slasher films, this songwriting duo clash blood, guts and gore with a hair-raising peppy pop theme of your worst nightmares. The vocal performance alone keeps us up at night.⁠ Jam out to this and other spooktacular songs on nn our Spotify playlist LOVECRAFT ESSENTIALS!

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